The SUNFLOWER project consists of basic research, applied research and technological development. It is very well organised and managed by the coordinator Dr. Giovanni Nisato of CSEM (Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique SA,

The Step-by-Step approach and the objectives are:

  • Material development (polymers and nanoparticles, interlayer materials)
  • Morphology control
  • Novel device architectures (tandem cells)
  • Device physics and advanced analytics (minimization of losses)
  • Light management structures (transparent electrodes, anti-reflection layers)
  • Efficiency (PEDOT+Ag)
  • Upscaling overview
  • Packaging and stable films
  • Degradation studies (correlations and extrapolations)
  • Improved interface materials
  • Weather able films (novel additives, encapsulation, optimization)
  • Analysis of Life-Cycle-Aspects and sustainability requirements
  • Printed transparent electrodes (PEDOT+Ag)
  • Tools for mass manufacturing
  • Efficient production techniques (roll-to-roll)
  • Controlled environmental impact
  • Cost effective barrier production

It is ambitious to increase efficiencies to 8-10% (module level), increase expected lifetime up to 20 years and decrease production costs to 0.7 Eur/Wp, while taking into account the environmental impact and footprint. But the partners are confident that jointly with all their competencies and their engagement these goals can be reached.