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Nuremberg, January 14, 2014 – This year, the renowned company BELECTRIC OPV GmbH and its ground-breaking "Solarte" product line have been nominated in two categories for the GreenTec Awards 2014, Europe's biggest environmental and business awards. The nominations came in both the Energy category and for the Galileo Wissenspreis (science prize awarded as part of a German television show). The flexible photovoltaics of the "Solarte" product line enables completely new ecological, aesthetic, and economical possibilities for the integration of energetically active components into architecture and product design. The products enable environmentally friendly energy production directly where it is consumed.

"We are delighted that our new "Solarte" product line has been nominated for this year's GreenTec Awards in both the Energy category and for the Galileo Wissenspreis and we hope to win over the judges as well as the audience with our product," said Dr. Ralph Pätzold, CEO at Belectric OPV GmbH. He added: "This nomination not only means a lot to us but it is also highly valued throughout the entire organic photovoltaics industry and will hopefully help to bring this young and innovative industry further into the public spotlight."

The organic solar cells of the "Solarte" series produce more than just energy. In contrast to today's conventional, cumbersome PV modules, they can adapt to all aesthetic demands. The modules can be manufactured in a wide range of colors and designs – including transparent. As a consequence, they allow energy production on surfaces available on existing facades and contribute to the building's aesthetics. With regard to product design, the spectrum ranges from energy production for lighting equipment and fashion accessories, through to attractive PV surfaces or inlays for product integration into all kinds of mobile and stationary applications. It is for this reason that this latest technological development from BELECTRIC OPV in the organic photovoltaics sector was nominated in both categories.


BELECTRIC OPV GmbH is headquartered in Nuremberg, where it develops and manufactures organic solar panels, with a focus on their commercialization. Furthermore, BELECTRIC OPV conducts research and development in the field of module development, printing-related implementation, and product development, including for the integration of OPV modules into existing products. BELECTRIC OPV has two product lines: "Solarte" for architects and designers and "Power Plastic" for large-scale industrial applications. Products from BELECTRIC OPV stand for innovation, quality, and design.

About the GreenTec Awards: The GreenTec Awards have been awarded each year since 2008 for environmental commitment and green, environmentally friendly technologies, with the aim of fostering an ecological and economic commitment and the use of environmentally friendly technologies. Award winners are selected by a panel of experts from business, science, politics, the media, and the entertainment industry. The winners are decided by the results of an online poll in conjunction with the panel's decision. Visit to vote for the most innovative project in each category. This year the award ceremony will be held as part of the IFAT launch gala on May 4, 2014 to kick off the world's largest trade fair for environmental technology.


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