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Nuremberg/Bretten, February 11, 2014 – Glass is a key construction material in modern architecture and shapes the appearance of our towns and cities considerably. For architects and designers, glass offers enormous potential thanks to its wide variety of properties and processing options. Therefore, the combination of glass with the most innovative type of photovoltaics, OPV (Organic Photovoltaics), will be trendsetting both architecturally and commercially. The result of the joint development project worked on by BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG, the glass finishing specialists, and BELECTRIC OPV GmbH, pioneers in the field of organic photovoltaics, is now available on the market with the product ’BI-Powersol’.

As an innovative and flexible technology, organic photovoltaics have an extensive range of creative architectural applications when used with the versatile and elegant construction material that is glass. As part of the energy revolution and sustainability strategy, the incorporation of PV elements into the building shell from an architectural, structural and design perspective, while taking the multifunctional features of the PV module into account, is growing in importance. In this regard, BELECTRIC OPV’s SOLARTE product line enables new aesthetic, ecological and economic possibilities for the integration of energetically active components into architecture. Together with BGT, completely new photovoltaically active glass elements that can meet all aesthetic requirements and be integrated into buildings are being produced in this way. “Together with renowned architects and facade planners, BGT undertakes countless construction projects and creates architectural highlights. Our task is to find the ideal glass solution for all requirements. Thanks to BGT’s many years of experience with glass products and BELECTRIC OPV’s innovative organic photovoltaics, a photovoltaic solution that fully meets these high demands is now available. The launch of our new product, ‘BIPowersol’, is imminent,” said Klaus Wittmann, Managing Director of BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG. “We are delighted that we have been able to take our successful collaboration with BGT to the next level. If solar energy is to be used throughout the entire building shell, then organic photovoltaics are extremely well suited to this purpose. With SOLARTE, BELECTRIC OPV has developed the perfect product for integration into BGT’s highquality glass products. Now the successful joint technical development phase has come to an end, a complete OPV system for architecture and facades will soon be launched” added Hermann Issa, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Sales at BELECTRIC OPV GmbH.


BELECTRIC OPV GmbH is headquartered in Nuremberg, where it develops and manufactures organic solar panels, with a focus on their commercialization. Furthermore, BELECTRIC OPV conducts research and development in the field of module development, printing-related implementation, and product development, including for the integration of OPV modules into existing products. BELECTRIC OPV has two product lines: "Solarte" for architects and designers and "Power Plastic" for large-scale industrial applications. Products from BELECTRIC OPV stand for innovation, quality, and design.


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