Muttenz, April 19, 2016 – During LOPE-C 2016, the world's leading exhibition for printed electronics, the Organic and
Printed Electronics Association (OE-A) awarded the Sunflower project the “Best publicly funded project demonstrator”
prize for the “OPV living room”.

Organic photovoltaics (OPV) provide the benefits of flexibility, low weight, and freedom of design. OPV can operate under
low-light conditions and is shadow-tolerant. These advantages, and the ease of handling in subsequent product-integration
processes, enable the development of consumer and portable electronics, and building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)
products. The Sunflower consortium has chosen three demonstration targets to visualize these new possibilities:
  •  OPV window blinds: window blinds with integrated printed organic PV modules. The blinds are large-area functional modules. These devices are compatible with mass manufacturing.
  •  OPV integrated in architectural glass windows. The windows even contain additional light-management structures which increase energy harvesting of the OPV windows.
  •  OPV bag with OPV modules fully integrated in the material of the bag.
This award represents a significant achievement for the 17 industrial partners and scientists involved in this European
project (FP7), coordinated by CSEM. Sunflower aims to develop a new generation of organic photovoltaic technologies,
thereby opening exciting new technologies for the use of solar energy.

The OE-A is the world's leading network for the next generation of electronics (organic electronics and printed electronics).
Each year, it organizes the LOPE-C, the leading trade-show and conference in the domain.
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