State-of-the-art Konarka OPV modules are used to prepare a demonstration kit to raise the awareness of the SUNFLOWER project. The demonstration kit consists of a semitransparent organic photovoltaic module encapsulated between transparent flexible barrier films, a datasheet which highlights the OPV module performance and a variety of product information sheets. The OPV module is supplied with contact pads, leads, connectors and clamps. To demonstrate the functionality of the OPV module, a light emitting diode is operated. An illustration of the demonstrator is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1. Semitransparent OPV demonstrator with contact pads, leads, connectors and clamps

The performance values of exemplarily OPV demonstrators are summarized in Table 1. Both 10-stripe modules show power conversion efficiencies in the range of 2.6% on large area of 175cm².

Parameter P110303-03 P110303-09
Voc (V) 5.57 5.55
Isc (A) 0.143 0.139
jsc (mA/cm²) 8.2 8.0
Vmax (V) 3.95 3.94
Imax (mA) 115 115
Eff (%) 2.6 2.6
FF (%) 57.2 58.7
Pmax (W) 0.45 0.45

Table 1. Performance values of the 10-stripe OPV demonstrators P110303-03 and P110303-09

The functionality is demonstrated in Figure 2, where an LED is operated by the OPV module in indoor conditions. The demonstration kits will be continuously upgraded with progress of the project. At this stage of the project, there are 19 demonstration kits available. Two demonstration kits will be sent to the project officers to raise the public awareness of the project topic. More demonstration kits are under development and will be provided to the consortium members soon. A first public utilisation of the kit will be at the Large Area Organic & Printed Electronics Convention (LOPE-C, June 2012 in Munich).


Figure 2. Konarka OPV demonstrator operates an LED in indoor conditions